Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions, If you still have questions please contact us and one of our representative will assist you.

What is Marijuana or Mary Jane Concentrate Flavor?

Our flavored concentrate is simply a flavored liquid that resembles the flavor and aroma of cannabis without THC or other ingredients of the cannabis plant.

Is this real marijuana liquid?

No, Just flavored marijuana made of artificial and natural ingredients, It contains NO THC and will not get you high.

What can this marijuana concentrate be used for?

Our concentrates can be used in a variety of DIY recipes such as beverages, candy, baking, vapes, soaps and more. These concentrates must not be swallowed, It must be diluted with other ingredients prior to use.

What’s the recommended use of your products?

Because our mary jane concentrate liquids are concentrated and very strong , It is recommended you start with 1-4 drops per cup.

Can your concentrates get me high and pass drug test?

Our concentrates will not get you high as it does not have THC in it, It is simply a flavored product that is made to resemble the flavor of mary jane.

Because this is a flavored product only with no active ingrediants of cannibis, It will pass a drug test.