Marijuana Watermelon Flavor Concentrate


Mary Jane Watermelon artificial and natural Highly concentrated flavored liquid. Can be used for Baking, Candy, Lip Balms, Beverages, Food and more. Flavor Description: Strong aromatic marijuana flavor with Watermelon flavoring. This flavor does not contain THC Just flavor, Start off with a few drops then work your way up to your liking, a little goes a long way!

Bottle Size: 15 ml


Our multi-purpose marijuana concentrated flavor can be used in variety foods, drinks, desserts, vapes and more. Made with natural and artificial flavors and years in the making, Bud Flavors has captured the real like taste of marijuana in a single bottle.

Our mary jane concentrated flavor goes a long way, It is recommended you start off with a few drops and experience your way up to your satisfaction, Adding other flavors to this mary jane concentrate is always recommend, If you like the strong aroma flavor of marijuana then it can also serve that purpose.

Although this mary jane flavor is close to the taste and smell of cannabis This mary jane flavor does not contain any active ingredients, Just flavor that can be used for many do it yourself recipes. For more uses please contact customer support for assistance.

Ingredients and Use. Our mary jane flavored concentrate is made of simple food grade Ingredients. We use Natural & Artificial Flavor and Propylene Glycol. Example usage is 1 cup = 1-4 drops of our mary jane concentrate is recommended but you could also experiment to the taste of your liking. Do not drink this concentrated flavor alone, It must be diluted before ingesting.


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